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Filthy Hooligans are Back for 2021


filthy hooliganFort Lauderdale, FL – February 11, 2021. Alec Bradley Cigar Company announced today that the popular Black Market Filthy Hooligan and Black Market Filthy Hooligan Shamrock limited edition cigars are now shipping to tobacconists worldwide.

In September 2020 Alec Bradley offered for sale 2000 boxes of Filthy Hooligans and 1500 boxes of Filthy Hooligan Shamrock to tobacconists for February 2021 release. Both production runs were immediately sold out. 2021 marks the eighth-year return of Filthy Hooligan and third year return of Filthy Hooligan Shamrock.

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Alec Bradley Cigar Co. Now Shipping 10 Year Anniversary Fine & Rare Sets

ab10aAlec Bradley Cigar Co. Now Shipping 10 Year Anniversary Fine & Rare Sets

The First Boxes Featuring 5 Iterations of the Fine & Rare Blends to Arrive at US Tobacconists
Fort Lauderdale, FL (December 18, 2020) Alec Bradley Cigar Co. announced today that the first boxes of the 10 Year Anniversary Fine & Rare sets will soon be arriving to tobacconists in the United States. In total, 500 limited edition boxes were created.

Ten years ago, Alec Bradley founder, Alan Rubin introduced the world to the Alec Bradley Fine & Rare. More than just a cigar, Fine & Rare was a novel concept and challenge for Rubin to create blends using an unheard of 10 different tobaccos. To date, Alec Bradley has released five different iterations of the project. The 10 Year Anniversary Fine & Rare sets feature examples of all five iterations from their original release years.

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Hiram & Solomon's New Partner: Casagranda

casagranda logoHiram & Solomon Cigars has announced their latest European distribution partnership. The company has aligned with Casagranda Cigars GmbH in Germany to carry the Brand full production lines.

Founded by Werner Casagranda, who was lucky enough that in 2012 he turned this passion into his profession, Casagranda Cigars cooperates with large producers and boutique manufacturers and has a small but fine range of inventory that is constantly being expanded. The handpicked boutique cigars come from factories in Nicaragua and Costa Rica that comply with high quality standards, thus making the art of creating tasteful cigars come alive at the highest level.

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Southern Draw Cigars adds the “little apple”

DECEMBER 19, 2020 - Happy Anniversary Sharon.

manzanita1Austin, TX — The Southern Draw Cigars family have commissioned the AJ Fernandez Cigar Co. to produce our contemporary blend cigar, a humble effort to share the legacy of Traditional Tobacco, that is tobacco and other plant mixtures used by Native Americans for the same reasons as our family, for sacred rituals, ceremony, healing and giving thanks. FUN FACT: Research shows that Native Americans were smoking tobacco more than 1,000 years before Europeans arrived with their own domesticated variety, possibly dating back to 2500 BC.

The blend is being called MANZANITA — a term coined years ago during a planning session as AJ, Rafael, Freddy, Sharon, and Robert inspected bales of rich Habano hybrid, noting the deep red oily leaves, indicative of the shimmering “red” bark of a manzanita tree, these superbly fermented leaves were destined to be the wrapper. Each tobacco involved in the blend brought an undisclosed origin during blending, which included varieties of Pelo d’Oro, Corojo 99, Habano and the compulsory, ligero. The company has decided to keep the countries and farms of origin confidential as not to form notions prior to each person’s own actual smoking experience.

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CAO LOGOCAO is launching a new series called “Arcana” which will highlight the secrets and traditions of old-world tobacco processing methods, passed down from generation to generation to bring out the best in native tobaccos from across the globe.

The first release in the CAO Arcana series is called “Mortal Coil,” a single cigar that resurrects “Andullo,” the oldest tobacco fermentation method of the Dominican Republic.

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Protocol Introduces Paddy Wagon

protocolpwProtocol Cigars is happy to announce a shop exclusive cigar called the Protocol Paddy Wagon for Caravan Cigar Company in Bath, PA. Keeping with the law enforcement theme, the project is named The Paddy Wagon. “When we do projects with shops we try our best to personalize that project to that specific shop. We do this to totally immerse the shop and it’s spirit into the project. Here the Shop is called Caravan Cigar Company because the company started doing mobile cigar events at fairs out of the back of the family Caravan. We looked at the concept of a Caravan and tried to see how we could relate it to the law enforcement world. That’s how The Paddy Wagon was born,” said Juan Cancel. A paddy wagon is a term used to describe a large police vehicle or van used to transport prisoners. 

The Paddy Wagon is being produced at the La Zona Factory in Esteli, Nicaragua, under the watchful care of Erik Espinosa. The initial Paddy Wagon vitola available at time of launch will be a Box Pressed Toro 6X52 Rabito. They will come in 10 count paper bundles. The MSRP will be $9.50 per single cigar and $90 per 10 count bundle. The cigar is wrapped in a Mexican San Andreas Maduro leaf over a Nicaraguan binder and filler featuring tobaccos from Jalapa and Condega. “When we do a project for people we want them to feel like their soul is part of the project. We involve them from marketing, to picking the vitola and even in the blending process. We had Brian Lewis, owner of Caravan Cigar Company work closely with La Zona’s blender, Hector Alfonso Sr. Brian did a great job. The cigar is fantastic,” added Kevin Keithan. 

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Protocol Pool Party Year 2 Cigar

ppp2Protocol Pool Party Year 2 Cigar.

Protocol Cigars announces a special limited edition release cigar called the Protocol Pool Party Year 2. It is a follow up to last year’s release. The cigars were produced at Erik Espinosa’s La Zona Factory in Esteli, Nicaragua. The Protocol Pool Party Year 2 is going to be a special cigar. It will be the company’s first ever barber pole cigar. The PPPY2 as the company is calling it for short, will be a 6x52 round barber pole with a rabito on the head. The two wrappers will be one Mexican San Andreas Maduro leaf and a Ecuadorian Connecticut Shade leaf. Juan Cancel, owner and founder said the following: “We are always looking to do interesting things with our limited releases. We were always curious about doing a barber pole but didn’t want to do anything too gimmicky when it came to the actual cigar. However for a cigar that will be given to those attending our Year 2 Pool Party a barber pole cigar seems perfect! What’s even more exciting is the fact we are using the wrappers of the Themis and Probable Cause to make a really cool and unique cigar only available to those attending this special event!!!”

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Royal Jamaica Cigars – Now a Casa de Montecristo Exclusiv

royal jamaicaMIAMI, Fla. – The Royal Jamaica cigar brand makes its comeback as a Casa de Montecristo exclusive. Officially launching on Monday, December 14, the day marks a new beginning for a brand that carries a storied history filled with great successes, a natural disaster and now – a revival.

Founded in Jamaica in 1935 by James Frederick Gore, the Royal Jamaica brand earned a reputation for using high-quality local tobaccos and providing a unique smoking experience.  After the Cuban embargo, Royal Jamaica gained in popularity and became a go-to cigar for many. Sadly, disaster struck in 1988 as Hurricane Gilbert wreaked havoc throughout the Caribbean Islands, South, Central and North Americas. Jamaica sustained more than $700 million in damages and the losses for Royal Jamaica were immeasurable with its tobacco crops and a Kingston factory devastated.

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punch logoPunch will kick off The Year of The Ox with the launch of a limited-edition smoke called Punch Kung Pow!, the third release in the brand’s highly successful Chinese New Year Series. Kung Pow! is a follow up to 2020’s Punch Chop Suey and 2019’s Punch Egg Roll.

Ed Lahmann, senior brand manager of Punch and the creator of Kung Pow! said, “The Chinese New Year Series for Punch has become a new tradition and for the 2021 release, we took a page from the Szechuan cookbooks. The medium-to-full-bodied blend is vaguely sweet with an undercurrent of spice, just like the popular Chinese food dish of the differently-spelled name. We put a new spin on the takeout container for this year’s release, and we’ve once again hit the post-holiday sweet spot for cigar lovers with a per-cigar price of just $5.99. My advice: get your hands on this one fast because it’s coming in hot!”

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J.C. Newman Cigar Co. Reintroduces Perla del Mar

perladelmarTAMPA, FL – Today, J.C. Newman Cigar Co. began shipping its new Perla del Mar cigars to brick and mortar retailers across the United States.  Handmade at J.C. Newman PENSA in Nicaragua, the new Perla del Mar is a significant refinement of the Perla del Mar cigars that J.C. Newman launched in 2012.  

"Although our Perla del Mar cigars were good, we were not totally satisfied," said Drew Newman, general counsel and a member of J.C. Newman's fourth-generation.  "We wanted to make them better – and that's exactly what we did.  After two years of effort working to perfect the brand, we are thrilled to reintroduce Perla del Mar."

Perla del Mar's existing Shade and Maduro blends have been strengthened with aged Nicaraguan filler tobaccos, and a new flavorful Corojo blend, rolled with a robust Ecuadorian Corojo wrapper, has been added to the family.  Perla del Mar cigars are now shaped in a classic Tampa-style press and packed with traditional bands and boxes.  Each blend comes in four sizes with an MSRP of between $6 and $7.

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National Distribution Network Premieres Top-Selling Internet/Catalog Brand at Retail

erdm rlRichmond, VA (January 22, 2021) – The Forged Cigar Company, an independent national cigar distribution network that launched on January 13, 2021, announced today that the company will begin selling the legendary Honduran brand El Rey del Mundo to brick and mortar locations across the U.S. starting in February, 2021.

El Rey Del Mundo was previously available exclusively through JR Cigars and Santa Clara Wholesale and rose to become a top-selling, top-rated brand for more than 20 years. The brand has been handcrafted at Scandinavian Tobacco Group’s HATSA factory in Honduras since. Under The Forged Cigar Company, El Rey Del Mundo will debut at retail as a full-time line featuring six frontmarks.

El Rey Del Mundo is exactly the type of brand that will flourish under The Forged Cigar Company. By introducing this established brand to brick and mortar retailers nationwide and supporting it with customized programming to drive interest among cigar lovers, my team and I will take a brand with great potential to the next level. We look forward to generating a lot noise at retail for El Rey Del Mundo, our first brand to debut under Forged,” said Sean Hardiman, national sales manager of The Forged Cigar Company.

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CAO LOGOCAO proudly presents Vision, a limited edition cigar inspired by the fans of CAO and the tutelage of the brand’s Blender/Ambassador Rick Rodriguez by the legendary Benji Menendez.

Whether traveling across the world visiting cigar shops and even in doing virtual events as I have been for the last several months, the CAO fans always tell me that CAO Cameroon is one of the absolute best Cameroons on the market. It got me thinking about the time I spent learning the art of leaf priming and selection with Benji Menendez. Back then he loved Cameroon wrapper (he still does, by the way), and he spent a lot of time teaching me which tobaccos are the best for bringing out the Cameroon’s natural sweetness. I’ve never developed my own blend with a Cameroon wrapper, and I thought it was time to do it, to share my take on a Cameroon-wrapped cigar with Benji and the fans of CAO. It’s my way of saying thank you for this amazing career I have in the cigar business,” said Rick Rodriguez.

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BREAKING: FDA Releases Final SE and PMTA Rules

pcalogoLast night, the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) and the Center for Tobacco Products (CTP) released the Final Substantial Equivalence (SE) and Premarket Tobacco Product Application (PMTA) Rules to address deemed products. While the rules apply regulations to a wide variety of products, FDA stopped short of applying the new regulations to "premium cigars" acknowledging that the agency is evaluating industry comments and its own research on the category.

“... at this time, FDA is not finalizing the proposed SE rule with respect to “premium” cigars. Rather, FDA will take appropriate action once it has further considered the comments submitted to the deeming rule docket that suggested FDA create a streamlined SE process for “premium” cigars...”

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Pinhook Pressrelease3Pinhook Bourbon War Vertical Series 5 Year and Siboney Reserve by Aganorsa Leaf Cigars Combine for an Exclusive Limited Time Offer

EASTON, PA — October 15, 2020 — Dubbing it, “A Perfect Pairing at a Perfect Price,” Famous Smoke Shop, a leading online distributor of discounted premium cigars, has teamed-up with Pinhook Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey for an exclusive online promotion that showcases the bourbon maker’s newest release, Pinhook Bourbon War Vertical Series 5 Year and Famous’s Siboney Reserve by Aganorsa Leaf cigars for a limited time only. By texting “Pinhook” to 926-848, enthusionados can be the first to try the pairing which includes a box of 10 Siboney Reserve Toro and a bottle of Bourbon War 5 Year – a $135.00 value – for only $110.00.

Named for a colt who ran in both the Preakness and Belmont Stakes, the Bourbon War Vertical Series 5 Year is the second straight bourbon whiskey in the Vertical Series collection. Following a single group of bourbon barrels as they age from four to 12 years, Pinhook carefully selects, blends, and proofs those barrels to highlight the strengths of the liquor at a given point in time for each vintage.

Our idea was to take a wine approach,” said Pinhook co-founder and sommelier, Sean Josephs. “Why not celebrate the variability instead of hiding it? That was really the ethos at the core of what we’re doing,”

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Hiram & Solomon Announce New Distributor

bldist logoHS logoAfter much anticipation and preparation Hiram & Solomon Cigars have announced that they have signed a new distribution deal for the UK market with Bright Leaf Distribution Ltd .

Bright Leaf Distribution Ltd are an established cigar and cigar accessories importer and distributor, suppling all main retail and on-line specialist tobacconist and cigar merchants throughout the UK. Phil Matthews, Sales and Operations Manager, has 30+ years’ experience within the tobacco industry.

With this agreement, Hiram & Solomon Cigars will join the ranks of premium and boutique cigar brands that the Company imports, such as Rocky Patel, Ashton, EP Carrillo, La Galera, Oscar, Te-Amo and Juliany.

We believe that our partnership in the UK market, with all the history and Values that it represents, will bring many mutual benefits for both companies alike.

Fouad Kashouty

Owner and co-founder

Alec Bradley Announces Release of Project 40 Maduro

abpr40Take Control of Your Happiness, Again! 

Fort Lauderdale, FL (October 15, 2020)
Alec Bradley Cigar Co. today announced the Global Release of the Alec Bradley Project 40 Maduro- the second cigar line in the 'Experimental Series' and a follow up to the critically acclaimed Project 40 line of cigars (Project 40 received a 93 Rating and Top 25 ‘Cigar of the Year’ nod from Cigar Aficionado, as well, the line garnered similar scores and accolades from Cigar Dojo, Cigar Coop and Halfwheel). Project 40 Maduro continues to represent Alec Bradley founder, Alan Rubin’s belief that cigars create a positive impact on both mind and body.

“The dark and rich Project 40 Maduro is another opportunity for Alec Bradley to enhance a positive experience through the tradition of cigar smoking,” Alan Rubin said. “Premium cigar enthusiasts truly accepted the original Project 40 cigar line and the underlying concept that it demonstrates. Project 40 Maduro is the next chapter of the story.”

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forged logoNational Distribution Network Represents Multimillion Dollar Investment in US Premium Cigar Category

Richmond, VA (January 13, 2021) – Scandinavian Tobacco Group A/S (STG) today announced that the company has formed The Forged Cigar Company, an independent national cigar distribution network, and will divide its portfolio of industry-leading brands between General Cigar Company (GCC), an STG subsidiary, and the newly-formed company.

Developed to deepen support for the brick and mortar channel, The Forged Cigar Company will serve as a stand-alone cigar distribution network with its own, initial team of 12 dedicated cigar sales professionals, bolstered by independent marketing and customized programming for its brands.

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FO three blend mazos.jpg

Southern Draw Cigars and Cigars International today announces the release of two NEW sizes of Fraternal Order White (Lancero) and Fraternal Order Black (Solomon) and a new blend - Fraternal Order Blue (Toro) which have been produced by Southern Draw Cigars in Estelí, Nicaragua. Exciting news for consumers, the Fraternal Order blends are no longer retail exclusives as Southern Draw and Cigars International will debut all three new releases at the 100% free event - Virtual CIGARFest 2020 on October 16th and 17th and provide the Fraternal Order portfolio to all retail store locations and online store for those consumers that are unable to visit one of the exciting retail store locations.

It’s been a trying year for most all of us, and as we all adjust to the ever-changing environment in which we live, the Southern Draw family takes this opportunity to fellowship by sharing an integral part of our Fall Release Collection. The process for selecting the new Fraternal Order releases was unique in that we worked closely with members of Cigar Internationals product, marketing and merchandising teams (2019 we worked with the retail sales and management staff to make final decisions on the releases) and now we are pleased to share the expanded Fraternal Order cigar line as part of the innovative Virtual CIGARFest 2020. Cigars International has provided an ideal opportunity for consumers to learn more about these new releases via a special virtual appearance by Southern Draw Cigars at 3pm ET on October 17th where we can share a cigar and maybe even offer some prizes and raffles during our scheduled 1 hour virtual visit. Southern Draw is just a small part of a stellar line-up of brands so make plans to join Virtual CIGARfest for both days,” said Robert Holt on behalf of the entire family. “We would also like to extend our prayers and very best wishes for a full recovery to our friend and brother, Richard L. Monts, General Manager, CI Retail Superstore (Hamburg, PA).”

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Crux Cigars Releases Epicure Lonsdale with Privada Cigar Club

Crux Cigars releases Epicure Lonsdale 6.5x44 limited release with Privada Cigar Club. 
cruxepicureCrux Cigars and Privada Cigar Club connect again to introduce a new Epicure Vitola. Privada Cigar Club was the first to introduce the 6x54 Short Salomone at the beginning of 2019. The 6.5x44 Lonsdale is a favorite size of PCC founder Brian Desind.
A nutty, peppery, creamy blend that has a smooth and clean finish, the Epicure line has been on the market since 2017 and features an Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper with Nicaraguan binder and fillers. Blended by Jeff Haugen, Crux Cigars and Produced by Plasencia at La Catedral de Tobacco in Estelí, Nicaragua.
Other Epicure Vitolas:
  • Corona Gorda 5.375 x 46 (MSRP $9.25)
  • Robusto 5 x 50 (MSRP $10.00)
  • Toro 6.25 x 52 (MSRP $11.50)
  • Robusto Extra 5.75 x 54 (MSRP $10.75)
  • Short Salmone 6 x 54 (MSRP $11.99)
  • Gordo 6 x 60 (MSRP $12.50)

Southern Draw – the Desert Rose has TWO new blooms

sd drSouthern Draw Cigars, the family owned premium cigar brand announced two unique line extensions for the DESERT ROSE cigar blend. The first “new bloom” is the Famous Exclusivo (Famous Smoke Shop) and the second is for general distribution to all valued retail partners.

Leading off Southern Draw Cigars’ exciting 2020 Fall Release Collection, are two new renditions of the Desert Rose cigar blend. This includes sizes intended for any consumer who wants to experience the heartier Rose of Sharon blend in the ever-popular Toro 6.0x52 and the company has heeded the overwhelming requests and now offers an elegant Lonsdale 6.0x44. Southern Draw has also made a commitment to expand the award winning 2019 release Desert Rose Belicoso Finos 5.5x54, production is set at 80,000 cigars per year and these are now available for purchase in standard 20 count boxes and a limited amount of 20 count bundles.

Commenting on these developments, Southern Draw Cigars’ Boss Lady and the namesake of the Rose of Sharon blend, Sharon Holt said “We had to wait much longer than desired but the Desert Rose now headlines the 2020 Fall Release Collection in sizes that I find most enjoyable, offering a wider variety of smoking experiences of the blend. Simply put, the two new sizes of Desert Rose provide consumers, what I personally consider the two best smoking experiences for the blend and I have tried it in many sizes and formats. That said, we understand that our customers are sometimes very focused on new releases, wanting products that are specifically tailored to uniquely highlight the blend, so these are my gifts to them. These product line extensions address this desire for new releases while honoring the character of the original blend and by working closely with Famous Smoke Shop over the last 18 months, we were able to bring yet another exciting exclusivo cigar offering to their loyal consumers.”

Southern Draw Cigars is elated to announce the Desert Rose Toro 6.0x52 Famous Exclusivo. A toro size in an eye-catching round format, each cigar is dressed in the iconic pink main band with a unique Exclusivo secondary band each produced by Cigar Rings, Estelí, Nicaragua. Production of the Famous Exclusivo has been limited to just 250 boxes of 10. “Considering Southern Draw’s continually growing popularity,” added Jim Charnley, Director Purchasing & Merchandising at Famous Smoke Shop, “we’re expecting the cigar to sell out quickly. This is not one to sleep on.”

The Famous Exclusivo is available for purchase during a live virtual event hosted by Famous Smoke Shop & Southern Draw Cigars from 7 – 9 pm ET on September 30th. Now in their 81st year of operation as a private, family-owned business, Famous Smoke Shop owner Arthur Zaretsky noted a special connection with Southern Draw: “To work with another family-owned company, it's a connection that allows our families to collaborate so easily, and create exciting cigars our customers will enjoy.”

Meeting ID: 879 7929 7165

Passcode: 176484

For those unable to attend the virtual event, all remaining 10 count boxes will be made available via the Famous Smoke Shop website on October 1, 2020 by clicking on the link:

The second Desert Rose line extension is a subtly sophisticated Lonsdale 6.0x44, also rolled at AJ Fernandez Cigar Co. in the traditional “redondo” format with a “flag” cap and packaged in artful 12 count box designed by Humidif Group USA, a shelf friendly design that offers an eye-catching display for the new size. Production is slated for 4,000 boxes per year and all valued retail partners can now pre-order the initial 1,000 boxes that are expected to begin shipping in October 2020.

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