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PCA Represents Premium Cigar Industry Before National Academy of Sciences

[Washington, DC, April 20, 2021] The Premium Cigar Association (PCA) kicked off a series of presentations to the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine Committee on Health Effects and Patterns of Use of Premium Cigars this afternoon.

PCA's Head of Government Affairs Joshua Habursky presented an opening statement on the preliminary research questions of the committee that is undergoing a literature review of existing information on premium cigars in a study set to be published in 2022. The study is federally funded by the Food & Drug Administration and the National Institutes of Health. Today's session was the second public meeting of the committee comprised of over a dozen public health and medical professionals. The third meeting will take place Friday April 23rd from 1—4:30pm where PCA's Executive Director Scott Pearce will present remarks on the retail perspective and the unique characteristics of premium cigars sold by tobacconists vs other tobacco products. The main stakeholder session on the 23rd will feature several organizations within the cigar industry, along with organizations such as the Truth Initiative and the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids.

"It is important for PCA to assert positive research and data about premium cigars to this committee whose findings could have an impact on future policy considerations and regulatory recommendations", notes PCA Executive Director Scott Pearce.

The core function of the committee is to:

  1. Conduct a comprehensive and systematic assessment and review of the literature to include patterns of use for premium cigars, and how those may differ among cigar types and other tobacco products, as well as data on both short and long-term health effects of premium cigars.
  2. Establish a list of recommendations for future research.
  3. Prioritize the list of recommendations for future research to inform FDA’s regulation of premium cigars to protect public health.

Learn more about the committee's work and register to virtually attend Friday's session here.


About PCA

Founded in 1933, Founded in 1933, the Premium Cigar Association (PCA) is the oldest, largest, and most active trade association representing and assisting retailers, manufacturers and suppliers of premium tobacco products. PCA is a not-for-profit trade association and is recognized as the "Voice of Authority and Reason" on premium tobacco-related issues.

Filthy Hooligan Barber Pole and Shamrock are Back for 2022!

hooligan22Fort Lauderdale, FL – August 20, 2021. Alec Bradley Cigar Company announced today that the popular Black Market Filthy Hooligan Barber Pole and Black Market Filthy Hooligan Shamrock limited edition cigars will be returning in Spring 2022. With the resounding success of the limited edition green cigars, the Filthy Hooligan duo have cemented themselves as the cigar industry's equivalent to the Spring Equinox.

2022 marks the tenth release of the Filthy Hooligan project, which has become fluid over the years. 2013, 2014 and 2015 saw the original Filthy Hooligan iteration, which was a straight Candela wrapped cigar. From 2016 and on, Alec Bradley has issued the Filthy Hooligan Barber Pole, featuring dual wrappers: Nicaraguan Habano and Candela. In 2019, the triple wrapped Filthy Hooligan Shamrock was added to the line, showcasing natural Nicaraguan Habano, maduro Nicaraguan Habano and candela wrappers.

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IPCPR 2017: Day One

Top 10 things we learned on Day 1 at IPCPR 2017

  1. Mayor Rudy Giuliani is a bad ass. His keynote speech was what the cigar industry needed to hear from a politician in light of the recent FDA regulations.  "President Trump realizes regulations are killing businesses," he said "Let businesses operate like businesses instead of government -regulated organizations."
  2. IPCPR knows how to party. Light up the Night with General Cigar was the best ever with food, drinks, cigars, drinks, T-shirt screening, cigars, drinks and cigars. And Mombacho parties-Enough said about that. 
  3. Ventura Cigars is bringing back old favorites from their supplier and production partners in the case study line. They cleverly named them Case Studies 1-5. Try them and see if you can find your old favorites. 
  4. Unfortunately this year we lost Avo Uvezian. David off has pledged to continue with the vision AVO began long ago. 
  5. With the changing laws concerning medical cigarettes, two companies I have come up with unique products to aid those smokers. PDR's Devil's Weed (in red and dark) provides rollers with a quality tobacco leaf to use as their wrapper. Total Flame has marketed a Russian tube product that you can easily load with your own blend to make a smooth smoke. 
  6. Stepping up the presentation standards, United-A luxury brand- has perfected beautiful humidified tubes sold with their cigars
  7. Davidoff once again presented their Gold Band awards to deserving partner retailers at a press event complete with fancy hors d'oeuvres,  Champagne and of course their new Churchhill, Comacho and Avo blends.
  8. For every serious businessman's office, the new Hiram and Solomon pyramid humidor, complete with 30 of their cigars, is a must have.
  9. In a perfect example of how the cigar industry has helped the economies of multiple small countries, Crossfire Cigars has several blends whose profits roll directly back into the Dominican Republic people through hospitals, schooling and jobs.
  10. Warfighter Cigars is made up of six soldiers who bonded together to create cigars for other soldiers, naming all the cigars after calibers of ammunition. 

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Punch Aniversario Lands In September

punchlogoSince its humble beginnings in 1840 as a cigar created for export to the United Kingdom, Punch has been a stalwart brand that has weathered many storms and withstood the test of time. It has captured the palates and hearts of generations of cigar enthusiasts, most notably discerning American smokers who continually turn to Punch for its expert craftsmanship, indulgent flavor and confident branding.

To commemorate the momentous occasion of the brand’s 180th anniversary, Punch is proud to release its most limited offering to date with “Aniversario,” a spectacular cigar befitting the Punch legacy.

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Cigar Regulations and the Little Guy

PUBLISHER'S NOTE: This is a guest article by Rob McKeon of CigarZen, manufacturer of the Blüme family of products. CW makes no product endoresements as a matter of policy.


It’s tough out here for us cigar smokers!

As we all know, tobacco has been highly regulated and the level of those regulations seems to keep climbing, almost by the day. For cigar lovers, it seems unfair that the products we use--to relax, to de-compress, to celebrate--are becoming more and more difficult to acquire.

While we can all appreciate the government’s desire to keep tobacco far away from kids, it’s hard to see the justification behind including cigars in its recent rigorous FDA rulings which were originally intended for smokeless tobacco only. The act of cigar smoking is almost artistic in its nature, viewed as a sign of sophistication, hard work and appreciation for the craftsmanship behind each stick. While it’s easy for a teenager to get their hands on a cheap pack of cigarettes, they’re likely not going to get too far in an artisanal cigar store.

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Macanudo Vintage 2010

macanudologoThe world’s first Vintage cigar was created by Macanudo nearly 40 years ago to spotlight an exceptional wrapper developed in part by Mother Nature herself. Today, the Vintage tradition continues with Macanudo Vintage 2010, thanks to ideal climatic conditions, meticulous curing and precise maturation techniques perfected by the artisans of Macanudo.

The 2010 growing season saw the highest temperatures in 25 years in the Connecticut River Valley, with high humidity and optimal rainfall that yielded an exceptionally silky shade-grown wrapper tobacco. Cured and aged for an entire decade to bring forth an array of pleasing notes on the palate, this singular tobacco makes its debut in Macanudo Vintage 2010.

Ernest Gocaj who oversees the Connecticut growing operations for Macanudo said, “We could not have asked for a better growing season than we had in 2010. Yet this is only part of the story. After such a beautiful crop is harvested, the hard work begins again because the most critical process for growing tobacco is curing. Given how unique and special this crop was, we were obsessive in monitoring the tobacco throughout the eight-week curing process, and ultimately brought its very best attributes to life.”

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Industry (raw)

I am cnp'ing this raw from my PM inbox. I'm not quite sure what to do with it yet, but it is relevant and could easily be cleaned up for publication.


I smoke cigars to Celebrate. A wedding, a birth, a promotion. A Life.

I lost my paternal Grandmother a year ago, and I celebrated.

I celebrated a life of nearly 75 years. A life of handing down love, lessons, admonishments and accolades.
She was a woman of action with a strong will and a huge heart.

I sat on the porch at the farm where we shared countless conversations - the place where she imparted her wisdom upon me.
I sat next to the black rocking chair with the word 'MA' emblazoned across the back in gold leaf. It was her throne during haying season, where she rested and surveyed the fields.
It occurred to me that I had never sat next to that chair without her sitting there next to me.
I smoked a 'Queen B' from Fuente. The name seemed fitting, and it was a solid smoke.

A few days ago, our community was rocked by the sudden passing of a childhood friend. He was my first 'best' friend.
Some of my earliest memories are of the two of us discovering the world together. We spent countless hours exploring the woods, riding our bikes, camping, and dirtbiking. We played the Hero and we played the Villain. Saturday mornings full of Thundercats and Voltron cartoons and epic GI Joe battles. We Talked. The conversations were of people yet unburdened by the weight of the world.
The divorce of my parents changed everything in my world, and my friendship suffered as well. I moved away, and we drifted apart. Only after his passing did I realize what that friendship really meant. He died at 34 years old in an ATV accident. His name was Jason.

Soon I will go and find him, at the spot on our dirt bike trail where we would shut the bikes down and talk. I will take a Hemmingway 'Short Story'. The name seems fitting, and it’s a solid smoke.

I will celebrate a life.

J Norton


diesellogoThe great gravy-sauce debate has been hotly contested for decades. Run a search and you’ll find more than 68 million results. You read that right: 68 million. Now, Diesel’s getting into the fray with its newest collection, called “Sunday Gravy,” launching in August.

Sunday Gravy will be a full-time line under Diesel, and will feature seasonally-released, Nicaraguan-forward smokes, blended and handcrafted through Diesel’s winning partnership of AJ Fernandez and Justin Andrews. Blends will be released quarterly, sold until their limited supply is deleted and offered at an unbelievable SRP of less than $5.00 per cigar.

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Odyssey Full Hits Retail

odysseylogoOdyssey is adding a bold, new line to its accessibly-priced portfolio with Odyssey Full. The five-cigar collection of Nicaraguan-made smokes rounds out the Odyssey portfolio with a rich, fuller-bodied profile and marks the sixth collection of Odyssey cigars.

Odyssey Full is handcrafted by artisans at STG Esteli in Nicaragua. The blend is centered on Cuban seed tobaccos and features a high concentration of ligero leaves from Nicaragua and Colombia in the blend for a memorable smoking experience. With a Nicaraguan Habano binder and Nicaraguan Jalapa wrapper, Odyssey Full delivers a robust yet balanced smoke that’s earthy and spicy with a hint of leather on the finish.

Ed Lahmann, senior brand manager for Odyssey said, “Given its accessible price point, Odyssey Full is a great option for the tried and true cigar smoker who’s looking to add variety to their go-to set of brands. We’re confident that this new line is going to catch fire quickly.”

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M by MacanudoThe M by Macanudo portfolio will welcome its third expression in August with “M by Macanudo Espresso,” an infused cigar inspired by the luscious flavors of café con leche and café macchiato.

M by Macanudo Espresso joins M Coffee and M Bourbon which debuted in 2018 and 2019, respectively.

M by Macanudo Espresso delivers a rich and indulgent smoking experience for cigar lovers seeking departure from their everyday smoke. M Espresso, like the rest of the M line of flavored cigars, defies the conventional notions of a flavored cigar in that it smokes like a premium Nicaraguan cigar, but is enhanced with the perfect touch of coffee and cream. With its unique wrapper and nuanced flavor, it’s wonderfully unique and will most definitely be a staple in my humidor,” said Laurel Tilley, brand ambassador of Macanudo.

A new, full-time addition to the Macanudo portfolio, M Espresso blend intertwines two contrasting wrappers: an Indonesian shade grown and Indonesian Maduro, to create a barber pole effect. The blend features premium, hand-selected long-filler Nicaraguan tobaccos surrounded by a Philippine binder.

Offered in two sizes, this new flavored line is the perfect accompaniment to coffee and easily stands alone as an experience unto itself, thanks to its unique balance of tobacco, espresso and cream flavors.

Presented in bold black 20-count boxes, the line will feature two frontmarks and is slated to ship to retailers on August 3.

Belicoso (6 x 54) – SRP per cigar $8.79

Toro (6 x 50) – SRP per cigar $8.29

Frontier Cigars Expands With Cigarillos and XL’s

frontierlogoFrontier Brands, the owner and manufacturer of Frontier Cigars, is pleased to announce the expansion of their Frontier Cigar lineup with the addition of the Frontier Cigarillos and Frontier XL’s. These new offerings are made in their Dominican Republic factory along with their flagship product Frontier Cheroots. 

The Frontier Cigarillos are a hand made all-natural tobacco cigar made with the finest premium tobaccos from Nicaragua and Dominican Republic. Wrapped in an Ecuadorian Connecticut Shade leaf these premium style cigars come in six flavors: Honey, Honey Berry, Rum, Russian Cream, Sweet Aromatic and Whiskey. Each cigar is individually cellophaned and packaged in stay-fresh crush proof retail tins of 10 cigars. They are a perfect addition for any tobacconist.  The MSRP is $17.99 per tin.

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CAO V21 openCAO is about to put the pedal to the metal with a souped-up follow-up to the wildly-popular V-19 blend. Called CAO Flathead V21, this new release was created by Rick Rodriguez and the CAO blending team in Nicaragua to kick the Flathead franchise into high gear.

Rick and the team selected a Mexican San Andres wrapper for the blend which also includes a Connecticut Broadleaf binder, and a bold selection of Nicaraguan and Dominican ligero tobaccos. They then gave each of the filler leaves an abbreviated fermentation to lock in the tobacco’s native characteristics and added a secondary aging process to the filler to bring everything together. The result is a cigar with a medium to medium-full profile brimming with distinctive molasses and leather notes, this time with even more depth and complexity.

For Flathead V21, we wanted to give our fans a cigar that’s bold and complex, and still perfect for any smoking occasion,” said Rick Rodriguez. “We see this as the ultimate cigar for the CAO smoker who wants to experience the complexity of each tobacco with every draw. I’ve personally enjoyed V21 on its own and with a drink and have experienced different notes every time I smoke it. To me, that means we’ve done our job.”

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Partagas cortado boxPartagas is launching “Cortado,” the brand’s first Connecticut Shade-wrapped offering and the first Partagas line to be handcrafted by artisans in Nicaragua.

The new, four-cigar collection has just begin shipping to retailers.

Matt Wilson, senior brand manager for Partagas said, “With interest in the Partagas brand continuing to grow, we felt it was the right time to expand the brand portfolio with a mellow-to-medium-bodied blend. The team and I are especially proud of Partagas Cortado’s incredible versatility when it comes to pairing. The blend is creamy and complex, and its taste notes can push forward or bow to other flavors, depending on the pairing. We feel our Nicaraguan artisans did a wonderful job with the blend and look forward to sharing it with Partagas fans, old and new.”

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PLACENSIA149(Miami, Florida) July 10, 2021- Plasencia Cigars, a world-leading premium tobacco grower, established in 1865, announces the release of the Plasencia Cosecha 149 cigar brand. The blend will first appear at the 2021 PCA (Premium Cigar Association) taking place this July 9 through July 14 in Las Vegas, Nevada.


The Spanish word cosecha translates to harvest.  The Plasencia Cosecha 149 commemorates the Plasencia family’s 149th yearly tobacco harvest which took place in 2014. The Plasencia family felt that the aged tobacco from the 149th harvest had reached perfection this year, and thus the Plasencia Cosecha 149 was created.

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Casa Cuevas Introduces Patrimonio

patrimonio(Miami, Florida)- Casa Cuevas Cigars announces that the Patrimonio cigar brand is now shipping! The Patrimonio cigar brand translates to Patrimony in English. It is dedicated to Luis Cuevas Sr. and to the paternal lineage of the Cuevas tobacco history which began over a 100 years ago.  The Cuevas family’s tobacco history began when Juan Cuevas, a Spanish expatriate, began growing tobacco in Cuba in the mid-19th century.

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Alec Bradley Announces Factory Change

ablogoFort Lauderdale, FL – July 9, 2021. Alec Bradley Cigar Company announced today that they have moved production of the Cigar Aficionado #7 "Cigar of the Year," Alec & Bradley Gatekeeper, from Ernesto Perez-Carrillo's (EPC) Tabacalera La Alianza in Santiago, Dominican Republic to Tobacos De Oriente in Danli, Honduras. The hard, yet mutually beneficial decision came soon after Perez-Carrillo's EPC Pledge Prequel received Cigar Aficionado #1 "Cigar of the Year" concurrently with Gatekeeper's #7 accolade.

With production at a premium, due not only to the two cigars' impressive rating, but also due to the "Covid-19 Cigar Boom," Alec Bradley and EPC agreed that moving Gatekeeper's production, while keeping the exact blend, would protect Gatekeeper's integrity and allow for expedited delivery to the marketplace.

"Bradley and I want to assure our brand advocates that absolutely nothing has changed with the Gatekeeper blend," said second generation cigarmaker Alec Rubin. "Our relationship with Ernesto is everlasting and he will still be very much involved in the process, ensuring only the highest quality standards."

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Cigar Dojo Collaborates with Alec & Bradley on Dojo Chico Cigar

dojochicoDENVER, CO (Monday, August 23, 2021)-- Cigar Dojo has teamed up with Alec & Bradley Cigars to showcase the duo's second collaborative project: Dojo Chico.

From a fertile valley of Mexico, uncovered by the Aztec people during the 15th-century, a peculiar mineral water has bubbled its way into the hearts of cigar enthusiasts in recent times. This holds especially true for both the Rubin family of Alec Bradley Cigar Co. and the team at Cigar Dojo, praising the fizzy elixir for its unrivaled refreshing nature and palate-cleansing cigar 'pairability'.

This inspired the creation of the Dojo Chico--a cigar capable of offering a clean, refreshing, tongue-tingling smoking experience on par with the mineral water it was modeled after.

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FuocoGroupSpringfield, VA (July 6, 2021) – Fratello Cigars is pleased to announce the Fratello Fuoco, that means Fire in Italian. This new release will be made using the three Fratello Core blend, the Classico, Bianco and Oro.

We released the Fratello Fuoco in Europe in 2019 as it is very popular size in the European Market. Following its success, we are now bringing this special size to the consumer in the US.” – Said the Frias.

The Fratello plans to ship the Fuoco August 15th, 2021. The Fuoco Oro is produced by La Aurora in Santiago, Dominican Republic and the Fuoco Classico and Bianco by Joya de Nicaragua. The Fratello Fuoco will be released in a 3 ½ x 50 and will retail $7.50.

Fuoco Classico Blend: Nicaragua Wrapper, Ecuador Binder, Nicaragua and Peruvian Filler.

Fuoco Bianco Blend: Mexican Wrapper, Dominican Republic Binder, USA, Nicaragua, and Peruvian Filler.

Fuoco Oro: Ecuador Wrapper, African Binder, Colombia, Dominican Republic and Nicargua Filler

JdN Launches TAA Retailer Exclusive

Joya de Nicaragua Launches TAA Retailer Exclusive Cuatro Cinco Edición Americana

jdnccMonday, August 23, 2021 — Since its founding in 1968 as the first premium cigar company in Nicaragua, Joya de Nicaragua has enjoyed strong ties with American cigar lovers and their retailers. During the administration of Richard M. Nixon, Joya de Nicaragua’s Clásico was even the official cigar distributed to guests attending functions at the White House. In 2021, the United States continues to be one of Joya de Nicaragua’s most important markets and the company is celebrating its strong ties to America by releasing Cuatro Cinco Edición Americana, the second regional edition of its legendary Cuatro Cinco cigars, which will be available exclusively at Tobacconist Association of America (TAA) member retailers.

Since its original release to celebrate Joya de Nicaragua’s 45th anniversary in 2013, the limited edition Cuatro Cinco cigar has been one of Joya de Nicaragua’s most popular cigars and it has consistently been one of the company’s highest rated cigars as well. The highly acclaimed blend features a Nicaraguan Criollo wrapper and select Grade A Nicaraguan filler tobaccos. The finished cigars are aged inside vintage white oak barrels that were used by a world-renown rum distillery for at least one year. The Cuatro Cinco Edición Americana TAA Exclusive is a 6 x 54 Belicoso.

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Casa 1910 Is Here To Stay

casa1910Casa 1910 is changing the premium cigar industry in Mexico. Inspired by the revolution and maintaining the highest quality standards, Casa 1910 is here to stay.

Brand message: Casa 1910®️ is a premium cigar and lifestyle brand that captures the national pride and spirit of the Mexican Revolution through exclusive high-end products. Our aim is to revolutionize the industry by creating a cigar that perfectly embodies two faces of Mexico: its deep traditions and its unrivaled dynamism. We take pride in ensuring top quality standards, combining locally sourced tobacco with the unparalleled knowledge of our team of experts. The unique conditions of the San Andres Valley in the state of Veracruz, which combine optimal sunlight, humidity, and volcanic terroir, make it the ideal site for the creation of a truly exceptional cigar.

Cigar description: Cuchillo Parado, our first edition, is a Robusto-shaped cigar (5” x 50) made from an exclusive blend of the finest Mexican tobacco, aged for a minimum of 5 years. Its name commemorates the first battle of the Mexican Revolution, a moment that changed the course of history and defined the nation’s character. We are inspired by doing things in a captivating and meaningful way, creating memorable experiences for cigar enthusiasts. Embrace this new chapter in Mexico’s cigar history, where passion meets excellence and everyday moments become unforgettable victories.

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