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Interview with Delicia Silva (Cigar Vixen)

I was eagerly anticipating my trip to Vegas to attend the 2016 IPCPR, representing Main Street Cigar Lounge in Daphne as well as tending to a few delightful chores on behalf of Cigar Weekly. Heck, I hadn't been to Vegas in 30+ years!!!!

It's no wonder that many famous people from all walks of life, such as Hollywood movie stars, professional athletes and casino players, smoke quality cigars. Cigars are associated with success and prosperity, so it's no wonder that online casino players choose to smoke them when celebrating a big win. Although it has been proven that smoking has a negative effect on sports performance in gambling, gamblers continue to smoke for pleasure.

cigar vixenWhile I certainly enjoyed most every aspect of the trade show, the highlight for me was definitely the opportunity to sit down and interview Delicia Silva. This lady has intrigued me for some time now. Of course, being no different from any other red-blooded male cigar smoker, I cannot help but be smitten by her charm. But more than that, I have always admired her business savvy and ability to create a life where she can share a passion for cigars and encourage as well as enable us to share that passion along with her.

The trade show always turns out to be busier and more hectic than I plan for. Thankfully, Ms. Silva was very accommodating and flexible, as well as gracious with her own hectic schedule to allow time for me to speak with her at length. So without further ado...

Me: "Delicia, my first question has to be...what got you started, how did you initially get involved with the cigar culture?"

Delicia: "I started with an interest in cigars when I was very young, but didn't really pay attention too much to the details of cigars, I liked them, enjoyed the camaraderie, good times and a way to get together. It was later that i actually started becoming a cigar nerd, really finding out what's behind these things, they're pieces of art--and that's how I looked at it. So when I started the use of video it was sort of just trial and error, "let's talk about smoking and cigars together and what do you guys get from it"? That was kind of the idea when I first started out, then it just started growing organically from there. Along the way I learned so much from going out there and visiting the factories, visiting the different farms and it's been such a fun experience along the way"

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A Cigar’s Tale III

An article by Nathan Hale with Mel Shah of Bombay Tobak / MBombay

A Cigars Tale III 1

Although I have smoked cigars off and on for many years, it has only been just over a year or so since I have become serious about my cigars. Once, I would only say I liked or disliked a cigar. And I didn’t put much thought into what I was smoking. However, now things are different. I can sit and enjoy the many complexities in flavor and texture displayed by cigars. From construction to aftertaste, all of these characteristics are planned.

I recently had the honor of talking with Mel Shah of MBombay Cigars. Mel’s dream of making a quality cigar started by his selling 38 boxes of wholesale cigars from JR Cigars in a small shop. Now, he makes several different blends, and sells his own cigars all over the place.

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Six minutes with Nish Patel

Sunday August 24, 2014

The story you’re about to read is real.

For a little background on how this interview occurred, we first have to step back a few weeks to the re-launch of our little CigarWeekly magazine. Some of you may know (others may not) that I’m the person behind the @cigarweekly twitter handle. That’s right – I’m the official twitter tweeter for our little community. And since a  few weeks before the relaunch, I’ve been quite active in the twittersphere.

I’m also on the email lists for several of the local cigar shops. Over a week ago, I received an email from Maxwell’s Cigar Bar in Woodstock about the Rocky Patel cigar event, featuring Nish Patel and the area sales manager for Rocky Patel Cigars, Stacy Cross. So I started tweeting about it: “Wednesday August 20 at 5pm.” From that point on, the tweets took off.RP collection on the table

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CigarWeekly's First Webcast - Jose Blanco's Blending Seminar

Exclusive! is proud to present our very first (hopefully the first of MANY) OnDemand webcast, featuring Jose Blanco.

UPDATE! Registration is still open. Qualification for prizes ended November 23, 2014 at midnight EST. Prize drawing will occur this week.  See forums for prize details!  If you join the forums, introduce yourself here! We want to meet you!

Jose Blanco

This event was recorded live at the BlueHavana II cigar shop and lounge in Alpharetta, GA. Many thanks to owner Jim Luftman and, of course, to Mr. Blanco himself.

Jose has presented some 600 of these events - sharing his knowledge of tobacco, blends and the impact of various wrappers on the flavor profile of a cigar - for the benefit of participants world wide. It is with great pleasure that we provide this exclusive presentation to members and visitors of!

Attendees of the live event were given a special cigar, featuring 4 different wrappers, to smoke and contemplate during the session. Because this cigar and the enjoyment of the variations experienced is part of the event, we're happy to announce that there are PRIZES!

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Local Flavor #3: Elite Cigars

CW Contributing Editor roadhog (Neir Nofsinger) sits down with Jim Kaden of Elite Cigars in Woodland, Texas for a few words about the cigar business.

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EXCLUSIVE: Interview With Sam Leccia

EDITOR'S NOTE: This interview occurred less than 24 hours before it was announced that Torano Family Cigars was being acquired by General Cigar Company.

Jon and Sam LecciaI had been looking forward to attending the Leccia event at DeCuba Cigars in Daphne, AL for a couple of months. But as the day grew near, it looked like I might have to miss the event due to work. I had sort of put it out of my mind.

Thankfully, I caught a break at the last minute. Work eased up, and I found I was able to go.

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