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REVIEW: Nestor Miranda special selection “Coffee Break Rosado”

I’ve been a big fan of Nestor Miranda ever since I purchased a few of his nestor-label-cropped'special' maduros from Cigars International some seven years ago. I first tried the Connecticut version, which was awesome in its own right. Most of the ones I bought were smoked in fairly short order or gifted away. I think a few may still lie deep within one of the coolers I collectively refer to as my humidor.

More recently (a year or so ago), I grabbed a few of these down at Cigar World in Marietta, Georgia, and recalled enjoying them very much. Then, as I was rummaging through the humidor at Maxwell’s Cigar bar a few weeks back, I saw a fresh box of the robusto sitting on the shelf, and grabbed a few cigars from it. 

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Pre-Release review: Rocky Patel's Super Ligero!

Editors Note: CW member, resident webhost and twitter-master BigJohn was gifted this cigar by Nish Patel at a cigar event August 20, 2014 in Woodstock, Georgia. The call was posted in our forums - - for a volunteer to smoke and review the stick, since the words Super and Ligero in the same sentence scared the life out of BigJohn (medium to mild strength preference). CW member Jeff (GRTRX on the forums) Lackman rose to the challenge. One USPS flat-rate box and 48 hours later, the cigar was in his hands. Sorry for the lack of photos - it appears BigJohn forgot to take one, and Jeff just jumped right into the smoking of it. What transpired appears below.


The label, which was a simple one (obviously not a production label), stated "super ligero". The cigar was attractive as the cellophane was removed. It measured low to mid 40s in ring gauge and maybe 5 inches in length -- parejo. The wrapper leaf was dark, but not maduro -- perhaps a colorado. It appeared well veined, with quite fine veins actually. The cigar's aroma was simply wonderful, with deep, dark scents -- rather organic I would say, as in a deep, dark summer forest. The cigar felt firm, with no soft spots at all. It was unblemished and quite lovely.

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Review: A.J Fernandez – Pinolero Toro

One of the best blenders of today is, in my opinion, A.J. Fernandez. Known for his San Lotano, Man ‘O War, Diesel and many others, A.J. recently released the “Pinolero” at a decent price point.

The Pinolero is constructed in his Esteli, Nicaragua plant and has a proprietary aged Nicaraguan long-filler core bound together with more Nicaraguan goodness and wrapped with a beautiful sun-grown Nicaraguan leaf. Blended for the experienced smoker, this cigar is medium-full flavored with a very balanced finish.

The initial aroma is earthy and woody. Upon the first light the draw is perfect and fills the senses with toasted nutty aromas and subtle spices. I prefer something that tickles my nose from start to finish and this does not disappoint. A generous amount of slightly peppery smoke envelopes the palate and a gentle exhale through the nose almost puts one in heaven.

The burn is straight and true, the construction is just short of perfect. If you’re like me, you like a lot of smoke and once again you will not be let down by this beauty. While not a complex mix of flavors, the result is a very satisfying, enjoyable cigar that provides a hint of leather as it burns down.

This delicious bundle of joy will take a very deserving place in anyone’s humidor and for the umpteenth time, A.J. scored big in my mind.

E.P. Carillo 4 In 1 Review

Last week I was able to attend an E.P. Carrillo event and picked a sampling of vitolas covering about half of their current line. The EPC rep was very nice and informative, eager to answer any questions thrown his way.

In this post I will try to give a brief, but hopefully helpful review of my experience with the 4 EPC offerings I have smoked so far.

1) EPC Inch Natural: The size I chose here was 5 7/8x52, known as 'Club 52', I smoked this the night of the event. This cigar had a nice feel  to it, a nice medium brown Ecuador Sumatran wrapper, very smooth with no veins. The binder is Nicaraguan and the filler is a blend of Nicaraguan & Dominican tobaccos. The cap clipped cleanly, and the foot lit evenly. The initial draw was just the way I like it, firm, but not tooooooo firm. My first few draws brought forth a sort of earthy smoke, not much spice, not much cocoa, but rather a straightforward tobacco taste IMO. As I took my time enjoying this cigar it burned straight as an arrow, never needing any touch-ups. Jerry, the EPC rep had described this as a medium bodied cigar and I would agree. Not much change along the way, but a very consistent flavorful smoke.

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Review: Ave Maria Reconquista

I might have been a "sucker" for the hype on this cigar.

I had been reading good things in the press about this cigar and had recently tried the Knights of Templar from the same line and thoroughly enjoyed it. So, I "took the plunge" and purchased a "box" (of 3) of the Reconquista.

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