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What's In Your Humidor

Whats In Your Humidor 1August 29th, 2016

I’m often asked what my favorite cigar is. After 20 years of smoking cigars, you’d think I’d have a good answer, right? Some people want to know because they’d like to buy a gift for their favorite cigar aficionado, and want to make sure they buy something good. Others are asking for themselves because they want to buy a box (which is the most economical way to buy cigars), but don't want to spend $100 to $200 (and in some cases more) without being sure that they’ll like them. So they’re looking for a recommendation.

Truthfully, I have trouble narrowing any selection down to one specific cigar, or even brand. I love variety (among medium to full bodied cigars, that is), prefer a toothy Maduro wrapper when I can get one and tend to favor Nicaraguan fillers. That said, I’m open to trying anything that looks tasty.

Whats In Your Humidor 2

I keep anywhere from 300 to 500 cigars in my humidors, and I probably have 50 brands represented among those cigars. When I travel, I pick up a lot of singles of cigars that I can’t get easily at home. Then, as I find ones I really like, I may order a box.

Whats In Your Humidor 3

I’m a regular guy with a regular sense of taste and smell. I can’t pick out all of the subtle aromas and identify the endless number of spices and flavors that many of my cigar brothers and sisters can. However, I do know what tastes and smells good, and I can tell you if a cigar is made well and in good condition.

Whats In YOur Humidor 4

So, based on my experience and what I’ve learned from my many mentors, I’m confident that I have some pretty tasty sticks in my humidor that are 'box-worthy', and that I can make solid recommendations for the cigar buff who enjoys a medium to full bodied flavor profile.

Whats In Your Humidor 5

I will qualify my recommendations by saying that you won’t find 'mild' cigars on my list. So if you are new to the 'sport', you may not want to rush out and buy a box of what I’m sharing here without trying a few singles first. I consider all of these cigars to be smooth, flavorful and very pleasant to smoke, but not mild, except for the H-2K-CT by My Father.

When evaluating or reviewing cigars, I look for flavor, quality of construction, how they burn and feel, consistency from cigar to cigar and, lastly, a reasonable price for what it is that I’m buying. I can recommend some very good $15 to $20+ cigars, and some really good smokes under $5. It all depends on what you’re looking for and the circumstances under which you’ll be enjoying them.

Whats In Your Humidor 6

My recommendations below should run from about $7 to $18 for a single at your local shop. You may say, "Hey, Opus X isn’t on his list, what gives?" Well, Opus X is a fine cigar, just not one that I personally would buy in quantity due to the price. And I also feel that some of my recommendations are on the same quality level, though at a more reasonable price. In the end, it’s all very subjective. But maybe I'll turn you onto something new that will become one of your favorites too. So let’s get to it.

Cigar Gent's Favorite Brands & Cigars (in no particular order)

Salamanca Cigar Group (Alan Fonseca): Mesmerize, NicaBella', Sir Leland & Matthew (all blends).

1502 Cigars (Enrique Sanchez Icaza): Black Gold, Ruby, XO Extra Old (I haven't tried every blend, but would say anything from 1502 is worth trying).

Drew Estates: Liga Privada #9, Undercrown.

MBOMBAY (Mel Shah): All Blends.

Tatuaje (Pete Johnson): Too many blends to mention. I usually pick up what's available. However, the TAA Series are phenomenal. If you see 'em, buy 'em.

Nimmy D (Nimish Desai): The Nimmy-D, named after Nimish Desai, cousin of Rocky Patel.

Fratello (Omar de Frias): Original Blend is my favorite.

Nat Sherman: Timeless.

CAO: Flathead V660 Carb, Flathead Steel Horse & Soprano's (if you can find 'em).

Esteban Carreras: Chupa Cabra.

E P Carillo: Short Run.

San Cristobal: Revelation.

My Father: Le Bijoux 1922, El Centurion H 2K CT (mildest of the bunch, but flavorful).

Asylum: Premium.

Alec Bradley: Tempus Maduro.

This is far from a comprehensive list of box-worthy Cigars, and really just covers my current tastes. If you know that your tastes are different, I would be happy to answer any questions or make other recommendations based on your preferences. If I don’t have an immediate answer or recommendation, I will reach out to one of my many mentors and friends in the Whats In Your Humidor 7cigar world, and get it for you. Let me know what is in your humidor. I’m always looking for something new to try!

Best regards, Tony Toland (Cigar Gent)

On Twitter: @CigarGent_CV-66 or Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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